Graphic and Virtual Design

Graphic and Virtual Design

Your ideas come to life through graphics.

We develop static or animated 2D/3D graphics and virtual or augmented reality to satisfy any technical and training need of the customer.

We design solutions through visual content to make your ideas more effective.

A.M.B. Engineering S.p.A. has a high-level graphic expertise to support design, manufacturing, technical publications, and training activities.

Offering the experience of the final product right from the prototype design phase using realistic and animated 3D models allows you to speed up production times.
The use of virtual or augmented reality allows the user to have a totally realistic and immersive experience, optimizing learning processes or giving modern support to maintenance and/or commercial activities.
Our experience allows us to aid product support, design, and training activities with graphic and multimedia contents.

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Partner of medium and high-tech manufacturers.


Know-how and competence at the service of engineering.

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